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Learning & Development

Our experienced learning and development teams provide customers with outstanding blended learning program portfolios regarding content, technologies and learning methodologies. Each blended learning program is beginning with a clear statement of learning outcomes in respect of both knowledge and skills. 


Outcomes are of such a nature as to be attainable through e-learning, augmented as and when necessary by face-to-face provision. Learning outcomes, and not the availability of technology, determines the means used to deliver course content and there is reasoned coherence between learning outcomes, the strategy for use of e-learning, the scope of the learning materials and the assessment methods used.

Our blended learning programs are designed in such a way as to :

  • foster active learning
  • facilitate individual study and the development of study skills
  • support the development and interaction of learning communities
  • place the learner in control of time, place and pace of learning wherever possible
  • recognize the diversity of learners and build on their strengths and backgrounds
  • make appropriate provision for persons with disabilities
  • be sensitive in their use of materials to the cultural diversity present amongst learners
  • require learners to reflect on, evaluate and provide feedback on course contents and requirements


Knowledge contents are designed with a sufficient level of interactivity to enable active student engagement and to enable them to test their knowledge, understanding and skills at regular intervals. Blended learning programs including the intended learning outcomes, are regularly reviewed, up-dated and improved using feedback from stakeholders as appropriate. 

Please, have a look to our comprehensive Business Skills Blended Learning Program and e-learning course collection!