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We combine unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across several industries and business functions with extensive research on the world's most successful companies. Innotica Group works together with clients to help them become high-performance organizations.

Industries Main Tabs


We work together with many leading representatives of the automotive industry: automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, machinery original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and industrial conglomerates. Using our innovative knowledge management expertize, we help clients to establish a strong presence in growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. This also includes advisory services regarding the local infrastructure needed for dealer networks, production facilities, and development.


Our automotive industry experts generate value from innovative technologies, specifically electric drives, exploring partnerships to support e-mobility business models. We advise clients how to maintain leadership in specific vehicle segments, we identify new customer segments and develop efficient strategies to target them with competitive offers. We provide valuable assistance to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and nonautomotive companies to undertake joint ventures and alliances that drive success in Central and Eastern Europe.

Consumer goods & services

One achieved significant global economies of scale, consumer goods and services companies face significant challenges in regional and local market differentiation. We help them to reach emerging new market segment based on local needs. We provide our clients industry-specific competencies that enable innovations in developing their local sales and marketing organizations in order to increase sales revenues and margins. We also assess local outsourcing opportunities that drive optimal product delivery. This saves significant costs.


Our enterprise resource planning experts support clients in achieving operational efficiency across diverse product lines and functions. We assist consumer goods and services companies to adapt the most innovative information technology initiatives to lower costs and improve their responses to local market needs and competitors’ strategies. We advise our clients in setting up and successfully operate shared services centers to achieve synergies and cut costs within the areas of finance and accounting, human resources, learning and development.




Within our energy industry practice, we take a holistic view on how the future of energy will evolve over the next years; the consequences that possible changes in energy sources will have also on local politics and local economies, and we highlight actions that our clients need to take to address these changes. Our upstream experts work with international oil companies on knowledge management, talent development, process excellence, upstream data management and upstream application management initiatives.


The gas team of our energy practice helps our clients in optimal solutions within processing and transport of natural gas by energy merchants, pipeline operators, marketers and distributors. We address challenges within the field of liquefied natural gas, shale gas, intelligent pipeline, commercial optimization, operations, trading and risk management. Our downstream experts assist companies to achieve significant improvements in trading, refining, wholesale and retail marketing, and operations processes. Our energy industry practice helps clients to bridge their growing skill and talent shortages. We provide new technology solutions that drive operational effectiveness and optimal knowledge management.



Financial services

Our financial services practice has specific capabilities tailored to address the local market challenges in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide leading financial services companies with advisory services across four core areas:


  • Identifying Central and Eastern European growth opportunities

Dynamic financial services firms pursue growth in all dimensions: organic growth in current businesses, entering new markets, and pursuing mergers and acquisitions that create value and integrating them swiftly. We help companies understand the markets, customers and partners for growth, and provide expertise and develop growth strategies for the region.

  • Reducing complexity and focusing on key businesses

Nowadays, financial services companies face a huge challenge in managing very complex product portfolios and different business units in order to assure custom-tailored services to their clients. Our senior consultants identify those product portfolios and businesses where a more emphasized strategic focus is needed, and assist our clients in restructuring the company along strategic business units.

  • Exploring synergies between IT systems and business strategies

To compete successfully, today's financial services firms must have a technology strategy that's both sophisticated and efficient. That requires to ensure that information technology is aligned with business growth objectives, and effectively delivers on its promise. We help our clients to successfully integrate IT systems and business strategies, exploring synergies and cutting costs.

  • Managing customer relationships and developing new sales and marketing channels

It is essential to differentiate between acquired customer segments with services and processes that fuel future cross-selling strategies. We provide clients with customer relationship management strategies that open up significant cross-selling potential. Moreover, based on corporate strengths and market opportunities, we develop new sales and marketing channel strategies to target new customer segments.


We focus on following sectors of the financial services industry:

  • Insurance
  • Retail and wholesale banking
  • Asset management
  • Commercial finance
  • Credit cards/payments

Pharmaceuticals & health care

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has grown at a fast rate in the last decades. However, increasing complexity throughout the sector has created significant challenges. Business leaders in today's pharmaceutical and health care industry are under pressure to reduce prices, speed up regulatory approval cycles, improve R&D productivity and increase returns on marketing efforts. Our pharmaceuticals & health care practice has specific capabilities tailored to address these important issues. We provide leading pharmaceutical and health care companies with strategic advisory services across six core areas:


  • Pharmaceuticals

Scientific and deep analytics experience allows us to develop growth strategies for pharmaceutical companies in late stage product strategy development and launch. We assist clients with clinical, go-to-market, and partner strategies, market and customer segmentation analysis, mature products life cycle management, mergers and acquisitions issues.

  • Medical devices and drug delivery

Understanding novel drug delivery technologies is key to unlocking the potential of both large- and small-molecule therapeutics. We help companies understand the markets, customers and partners for growth in this area, and provide expertise in the development and commercialization of these new technologies and products.

  • Biotechnology

We conduct technical evaluations to support the development and growth of biotechnology companies, where identifying, evaluating and selecting the appropriate technology, license or partner is often key to success. In addition to providing assessment services, our firm provides strategic insight for long-term growth.

  • Health care services

A wide range of national and international health care service providers, including disease management companies, drug distribution companies, as well as private equity and investment banking clients, can count on us to develop tailored strategic growth projects and to conduct due diligence analysis.

  • Health risk management

Using our proprietary risk analysis frameworks and modeling platforms, we develop sophisticated risk management and capital allocation strategies for all types of organizations in the healthcare value chain.

  • Health insurance

Our growth strategies for health insurers focus on new market entries in Central and Eastern Europe, competitive assessment, product design, customer segmentation, channel and sales force effectiveness, and operational plan development.

Public service & government

We help public sector organizations and governments to improve efficiency in administration. Our public service experts share best practices from other industries and suggest innovative technology solutions to provide better and more personalized public service to local citizens. Operational efficiency must always begin with setting the common vision across different stakeholders and defining a widely accepted strategy with clear priorities, action plans and performance management.


We thoroughly analyze the business processes of our clients in order to achieve an outcome-oriented governance. Our public sector methodologies support the fast implementation of operational efficiency initiatives and provide unique solutions of cost cutting and transformation.


Utilities companies experience major changes that rewrite the operating environment of this industry sector. We assist them with our industry-specific knowledge, innovative technologies to address these changes regarding their consumers, technology, regulatory and market forces.


Our utilities practice has wide international reputation in corporate strategy and transformation, as well as managing complex stakeholder expectations. We provide valuable insights into local and international energy markets, help clients in their every day’s challenges regarding transmission and distribution, retail, enterprise services and outsourcing.


We focus on following areas of the utilities sector:

  • Power generation and energy markets
  • Smart grid services
  • Grid operations and operational security
  • Smart metering
  • Retail and customer Operations
  • Application outsourcing