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Financial services

Financial services

Our financial services practice has specific capabilities tailored to address the local market challenges in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide leading financial services companies with advisory services across four core areas:


  • Identifying Central and Eastern European growth opportunities

Dynamic financial services firms pursue growth in all dimensions: organic growth in current businesses, entering new markets, and pursuing mergers and acquisitions that create value and integrating them swiftly. We help companies understand the markets, customers and partners for growth, and provide expertise and develop growth strategies for the region.

  • Reducing complexity and focusing on key businesses

Nowadays, financial services companies face a huge challenge in managing very complex product portfolios and different business units in order to assure custom-tailored services to their clients. Our senior consultants identify those product portfolios and businesses where a more emphasized strategic focus is needed, and assist our clients in restructuring the company along strategic business units.

  • Exploring synergies between IT systems and business strategies

To compete successfully, today's financial services firms must have a technology strategy that's both sophisticated and efficient. That requires to ensure that information technology is aligned with business growth objectives, and effectively delivers on its promise. We help our clients to successfully integrate IT systems and business strategies, exploring synergies and cutting costs.

  • Managing customer relationships and developing new sales and marketing channels

It is essential to differentiate between acquired customer segments with services and processes that fuel future cross-selling strategies. We provide clients with customer relationship management strategies that open up significant cross-selling potential. Moreover, based on corporate strengths and market opportunities, we develop new sales and marketing channel strategies to target new customer segments.


We focus on following sectors of the financial services industry:

  • Insurance
  • Retail and wholesale banking
  • Asset management
  • Commercial finance
  • Credit cards/payments