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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other types of restructuring are major change events for any organization. Getting the maximum possible value from transactions means having the highest caliber strategic advice throughout the process, from evaluating targets and associated costs through to creating and implementing the processes and programs that knit the organizations together seamlessly.


A strategic approach to the mergers and acquisitions process is vital to ensure success. If missed, the costs are enormous to shareholders and other stakeholders of firms involved.


We advise our clients based on our below listed principles:

  • Acquisitions are growth strategies. Successful deals are parts of corporate strategies that are founded on firms' portfolio needs and competitive environments.
  • We focus on the few, big questions in due diligence that test the investment thesis.
  • We integrate the companies/business units only where it really matters, and significant synergies can be achieved.
  • We develop detailed contingency plans and scenarios.

Through our custom-tailored and flexible advisory approach our customers get what they need (and only what they need) from targeted strategies to discrete or comprehensive end-to-end solutions. We also work closely with in-house resources and other advisors based on local needs. To make the process as efficient as possible, we use a proven four-stage process:

  • Target evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Integration planning
  • Implementation


For both buyers and sellers to manage the mergers and acquisitions process successfully, due diligence must be comprehensive enough to reveal all strengths and opportunities, as well as weaknesses and risks of a potential merger. We work with clients to develop a strategic approach and target profile; perform strategic acquisition planning and due diligence to assess fit on multiple levels; and perform operational and financial due diligence. Initiated by mergers and acquisitions or any other reasons, if not properly budgeted and resourced, a corporate restructuring program can grind to a halt. Furthermore, turning breakthrough ideas into action requires difficult decisions, which leadership teams may be unprepared to confront. To succeed, restructuring efforts must be targeted to only the most valuable strategies and tactics.

We link our restructuring programs to a client's strategy by applying a pragmatic, analytic, data-driven approach. And, we're collaborative, teaming with our clients at every step to help them implement their vision.