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Digital by Default: Digital Roadmap for the Visegrad Cooperation

We participated at a workshop on Digital Roadmap for Visegrad Cooperation, today. The Digital Agenda is a key priority topic of current Slovak Visegrad Presidency. It also contains policy recommendations for European Union, how to develop its digital single market.

Dr. Zoltan Csedo, Managing Partner of Innotica Group, emphasized the key role of innovative SMEs within the Digital Roadmap. SMEs with proven track record, operating in local ICT industries are most responsive to commercial and technology needs. Governments of Visegrad Cooperation should ensure favourable policy environment for their innovative SME sector, Dr. Csedo said.

Participants discussed key challenges of digital economy as driver of systemic changes, and new source of economic growth in Visegrad countries. The aim of the discussion was to focus on joint concerns, policy ideas and expectations, and turn them into comprehensive policy recommendations for V4 Governments.

The event was organised by Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) and Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) in cooperation with Embassy of Slovak Republic in Hungary. 

Knowledge sharing and knowledge management in the digital market

You're kindly invited to join our webinar focusing on Innovation and Competitiveness in the European Digital Single market, on the 17th of March. Dr. Zoltán Csedő, Managing Partner of Innotica Group, will also participate as a speaker, talking about knowledge sharing and knowledge management in the digital market.

The webinar is organized by V4 British alumni community and British Embassies of Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw. Industry professionals and policy-makers from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the UK are going to provide a valuable insight into key drivers of innovation and competitiveness in the European digital single market.

The webinar aims to reach out to a wider business, investor, economic and political audience to raise the level of debate in order to deepen the understanding of what the European digital single market offers to V4 countries economically, how best to exploit the opportunities and how to effectively manage the challenges.

In order to attend the webinar, a registration is required by 16th of March. For more information and registration, please, click on the following link:


Better Growth Better Climate: New Climate Economy Conference

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate was set up to examine whether it is possible to achieve lasting economic growth while also tackling the risks of climate change.

Its recently published report with the title 'Better Growth Better Climate - The New Climate Economy Report' seeks to inform economic decision-makers in both public and private sectors, many of whom recognise the serious risks caused by climate change, but also need to tackle more immediate concerns such as jobs, competitiveness and poverty. The report brings together evidence and analysis, learning from the practical experience of countries, cities and businesses across the world.

The report’s conclusion is that countries at all levels of income now have the opportunity to build lasting economic growth at the same time as reducing the immense risks of climate change. This is made possible by structural and technological changes unfolding in the global economy and opportunities for greater economic efficiency. The capital for the necessary investments is available, and the potential for innovation is vast. What is needed is strong political leadership and credible, consistent policies.

Key findings of the report will be discussed at the New Climate Economy Conference in Budapest, on Wednesday, 25th of Feb 2015. Let's meet us there!

Innotica Apple Pie in Almaty Style

What a great day, when you walk in the office, and your colleagues surprize you with a most delicious apple pie!

Many-many thanks for that to Assel, Anna and Aiym, our new interns from Almaty Management University! It's a great privilege to have you all on board!

Consulting as Knowledge Sharing: The Art of Giving and Receiving Advice

Seeking and giving advice are central to effective leadership and decision making. Although people typically focus on the content of advice, those who are most skilled attend just as much to how they advise as to what they advise.

It’s a mistake to think of advice as a one-and-done transaction. Skilled advising is more than the dispensing and accepting of wisdom; it’s a creative, collaborative knowledge-sharing process—a matter of striving, on both sides, to better understand problems and craft promising paths forward. And that often requires an ongoing conversation.

For more information, please, read the Harvard Business Review article of Professors David A. Garvin and Joshua D. Margolis available online at