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Pharmaceuticals and health care

Pharmaceuticals & health care

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has grown at a fast rate in the last decades. However, increasing complexity throughout the sector has created significant challenges. Business leaders in today's pharmaceutical and health care industry are under pressure to reduce prices, speed up regulatory approval cycles, improve R&D productivity and increase returns on marketing efforts. Our pharmaceuticals & health care practice has specific capabilities tailored to address these important issues. We provide leading pharmaceutical and health care companies with strategic advisory services across six core areas:


  • Pharmaceuticals

Scientific and deep analytics experience allows us to develop growth strategies for pharmaceutical companies in late stage product strategy development and launch. We assist clients with clinical, go-to-market, and partner strategies, market and customer segmentation analysis, mature products life cycle management, mergers and acquisitions issues.

  • Medical devices and drug delivery

Understanding novel drug delivery technologies is key to unlocking the potential of both large- and small-molecule therapeutics. We help companies understand the markets, customers and partners for growth in this area, and provide expertise in the development and commercialization of these new technologies and products.

  • Biotechnology

We conduct technical evaluations to support the development and growth of biotechnology companies, where identifying, evaluating and selecting the appropriate technology, license or partner is often key to success. In addition to providing assessment services, our firm provides strategic insight for long-term growth.

  • Health care services

A wide range of national and international health care service providers, including disease management companies, drug distribution companies, as well as private equity and investment banking clients, can count on us to develop tailored strategic growth projects and to conduct due diligence analysis.

  • Health risk management

Using our proprietary risk analysis frameworks and modeling platforms, we develop sophisticated risk management and capital allocation strategies for all types of organizations in the healthcare value chain.

  • Health insurance

Our growth strategies for health insurers focus on new market entries in Central and Eastern Europe, competitive assessment, product design, customer segmentation, channel and sales force effectiveness, and operational plan development.