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Our innovative and powerful technologies enable customers to translate their strategic needs into IT solutions that measurably improve performance. Our technologies are designed to integrate all knowledge content and support services into reliable, flexible, scalable and easy to use systems and platforms.


Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management technologies allow customers to share information on-line or on Intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base, increasing overall business performance, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents.


Our technologies can be deployed to customer service staff, internal intranet users, external customers and partners. They are able to access vital knowledge quickly and easily through a simple to use multi-language interface.  Our innovative technologies help to identify and fill knowledge gaps.

Our knowledge management competencies include:

  • Application integration.
  • Categorization, taxonomy and multifaceted navigation.
  • Workflow development and deployment.
  • Governance and procedures.
  • Massive content preparation and conversion.


Knowledge is the lifeblood of an organization. Our accurate and speedy knowledge retrieval services are essential to ensure profitability, customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Learning Management

Our innovative learning management technologies help our customers to proactively seal all skill gaps, so they can better drive business results and reduce the risk of non-compliance, litigation, and lost business reputation. 


Our technologies allow customers to easily tailor powerful learning and development initiatives to their specific needs, without compromising on capabilities.


Key benefits of our innovative learning management technologies include:

  • Focused, personalized, and flexible technology to develop talent, to bridge competency and skill gaps, assess employees against competency requirements, and deliver targeted knowledge.  
  • Scheduling, managing, and tracking of instructor-led training/classroom training, e-learning, and blended learning approaches.
  • Strategic learning functions: compliance management, content development and management, and collaboration.
  • In-depth visibility for administrators through unified dashboards and workflows, along with an open architecture that lets customers easily leverage existing processes or customize as needed.
  • High flexibility in ICT developments or system integrations based on the current businesses demands.

Knowledge Gap Assessment

Our knowledge gap assessment technologies are unique tools that track all learning and development, as well as knowledge management programs and produce a variety of reports. 


Customers can keep on top of their staffs’ skill gaps, training providers, performance, satisfaction of program participants, budgets and schedules with up-to-the-minute automated charts and reports.



Our knowledge gap assessment technologies will also save time in data entry and maintain the accuracy of data through its extensive use of dropdown lists. We designed our tools to make the visualization of skill gaps and organizational development strategies easy — to make it possible for average workers and managers, who are not graphic artists, to quickly create professional-looking charts and diagrams. 


By providing ready-made templates and built-in collections of graphics, our technologies allow users to simply "stamp" elements or use automatic graphics to create perfect-looking charts in minutes that are all based on the databases of corporate training programs and training assessments.

Content Authoring

Our innovative content authoring technologies enable customers to develop themselves their knowledge management contents and e-learning course portfolios. We also assist customers to develop a learning and development process that leverages its power and maps effectively onto the content established learning situation. 


Our innovative content authoring technologies are especially useful if customers have their own knowledge content coordinators and instructional designers, who have the capacity of developing knowledge management contents and e-learning courses.


Our content authoring technologies enable customers to:

  • develop and deliver knowledge management contents and e-learning courses quickly, using hundreds of ready-made templates;
  • deliver web content that conforms to Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 1.4, and which can be hosted in learning management systems;
  • upload, attach or edit existing knowledge management contents and e-learning courses.

Web & App Design

We help customers to meet the challenges of current on-line trends: driving revenues through multichannel platforms from web to mobile, from desktop to tablet. With over 10 years experience in developing on-line portals, deep industry and technology know-how, we support customers to transform their sales and marketing channels, as well as digital capabilities, reinventing the way they do business.

We let the corporate business strategies and unique goals of the particular web apps to drive their designs. An aesthetic interface is not only the one that looks good, great mobile app and web design should also be consistent, user friendly, allow comfortable and logical navigation. High user adoption rates are the top priority for us.

In application development, we drive measurable improvements in product quality, productivity and predictability. By reducing significantly defect density, we build quality into the heart of the application and help our customers to deliver value sooner.

We consistently strive to provide access to new and emerging technologies and process improvements, and we incorporate functional and technical innovation into service delivery. We use following technology platforms:.

We have powerful methodologies and frameworks to develop enterprise-scale Java-based solutions that will speed up time to market and improve the quality, usability and agility of IT systems.


Java web development services

  • JSP and other Java-based HTML-generated Web applications
  • Java integrated with CSS and XML for flexible data-driven UI
  • Java-based AJAX UI
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) community and subscription sites developed entirely in Java

Custom applets

  • including entire applications residing on client computers (PC, LINUX, and Mac).
  • with UI in Struts and other Java UI building tools.

Server side development and back-end integration

  • Three-tier and n-tier application design and deployment. Major development platforms including J2EE and EJB
  • Native integration with Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • JDBC database integration
  • Integration with third-party environments and servers, in particular Vignette, OpenText, Documentum, Sharepoint, Fast Search, WebSphere, WebLogic
  • Using development and QA tools and environments such as Rational Clear Case, Rational Clear Quest, Maven, Bugzilla
  • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services, including JAXRPC, Axis 1/2/3, SOAP
  • Integration with Application servers, including Tomcat and JBoss

.NET web development services

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) products architected entirely around the ASP.NET platform
  • AJAX sites developed with .NET tools
  • ASP and ASP.NET Web applications
  • C# and VB.NET
  • XML and XSL
  • VBScript
  • .NET 2.0 development and .NET 1.x maintenance and support
  • Crystal Reports and other report-generation and UI-generation tools


Custom client .NET development

  • Integration with IE, MS-Office using VBA and .NET SDKs
  • Browser –Bar development in multiple technologies
  • VB and C++ development and maintenance for stand-alone and Client/Server application

Server side .NET development and back-end integration

  • Three-tier and n-tier application design and deployment
  • Native integration with MS-SQL, Oracle, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • MS-IIS-based development
  • ADO and ADO.NET database access paradigm
  • ODBC database integration
  • Integration with third party environments and tools, including OpenText and FAST Search, as well as BI, ETL, and OLAP tools
  • Workflow Engine integration
  • Sharepoint integration
  • Using development and QA tools and environments such as Rational Clear Case, Rational Clear Quest, Maven, Bugzilla
  • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and WebServices, including SOAP

PHP development services

  • Languages: PHP 4+, 5+; JavaScript
  • Frameworks: Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Fusebox, Yii
  • Libraries: PEAR, Smarty, Doctrine


  • Technologies: Ajax, XSL, XML-RPC Prototype, jQuery, ExtJS, YahooUI , Dojo, MooTools, Google AJAX API
  • Databases: MySQL 4+, MySQL 5+, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Open source solutions: Drupal, Magento, OpenX, phpBB, TinyMCE, Joomla
  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows

Mobile apps development services (iOS, Android, BlackBerry)

  • CMS mobile content management system
  • Push notifications with deep linking



  • Mobile analytics applications
  • BYOD implementation
  • Business applications

Big Data & Analytics

Big data has become a strategic asset, since efficient operations rely on effective usage of large amounts of data. The exponential growth of data, however, makes difficult to process it using database management tools along with traditional data processing applications. 


Big data analytics offers our customers new opportunities for insight and business change. By understanding patterns in structured and unstructured data, we provide insights that directly improve your business outcomes and set your business apart.

Our big data analytics services include:

  • Big data project assessment
  • System analysis, road mapping and system architecture to support big data initiatives
  • Data warehousing architecture, development and support
  • ETL design and development
  • Querying and reporting
  • Providing security solutions to handle dynamic, unstructured and structured data
  • Custom software development to handle big data specific objectives

Software Maintenance & Support

We’re ready to provide our customers second-line or first-line support 24×7. We fit seamlessly into the support processes of our customers.


We assign phone numbers for exclusive use by your users and can even answer the phone with the company’s name of our customers.

Software maintenance and support services include:

  • Direct access to experienced software engineers
  • Knowledgeable support personnel provides personalized service
  • Guaranteed response to all inquires in a timely manner
  • Support channel flexibility (phone, e-mail, instant messenger, etc.)
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting on the ongoing basis
  • Upgrades and patch deployment
  • Tier 1,2 and 3 support options

Software Security

To develop secure software is no longer desirable, but absolutely essential. With the increasing number of SaaS and web-based applications, to assess and ensure security of the data has become a major concern for customers ranging from early stage companies to large multinational enterprises.


Despite the common misconception main security threats arise not from networking layers and operating systems, but from applications themselves. With 10 years of expertise in IT security and secure software development we help our customers to create state-of-the-art secure applications, assess and significantly increase security level of the existing software and applications.

We put special emphasis on the process of customer data protection while in transit or when stored in the database without additional hassle to the end user. Significant benefits can result from implementing the appropriate IT security measures, including:

  • Visibility and control of information security risks, cross-organizational compliance risks and core business performance risks
  • Timely, risk-adjusted decision making in response to changing business dynamics is made possible
  • Improved certainty of business results by establishing a consistent and disciplined process for managing risk
  • Access to more relevant information with controls that confirm risks are within acceptable parameters


We work together with many leading representatives of the automotive industry: automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, machinery original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and industrial conglomerates. Using our innovative knowledge management expertize, we help clients to establish a strong presence in growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. This also includes advisory services regarding the local infrastructure needed for dealer networks, production facilities, and development.


Our automotive industry experts generate value from innovative technologies, specifically electric drives, exploring partnerships to support e-mobility business models. We advise clients how to maintain leadership in specific vehicle segments, we identify new customer segments and develop efficient strategies to target them with competitive offers.

Consumer goods & services
One achieved significant global economies of scale, consumer goods and services companies face significant challenges in regional and local market differentiation. We help them to reach emerging new market segment based on local needs. We provide our clients industry-specific competencies that enable innovations in developing their local sales and marketing organizations in order to increase sales revenues and margins. We also assess local outsourcing opportunities that drive optimal product delivery. This saves significant costs.


Our enterprise resource planning experts support clients in achieving operational efficiency across diverse product lines and functions. We assist consumer goods and services companies to adapt the most innovative information technology initiatives to lower costs and improve their responses to local market needs...

Within our energy industry practice, we take a holistic view on how the future of energy will evolve over the next years; the consequences that possible changes in energy sources will have also on local politics and local economies, and we highlight actions that our clients need to take to address these changes. Our upstream experts work with international oil companies on knowledge management, talent development, process excellence, upstream data management and upstream application management initiatives.


The gas team of our energy practice helps our clients in optimal solutions within processing and transport of natural gas by energy merchants, pipeline operators, marketers and distributors.

Financial services
Our financial services practice has specific capabilities tailored to address the local market challenges in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide leading financial services companies with advisory services across four core areas: identifying Central and Eastern European growth opportunities, reducing complexity and focusing on key businesses, exploring synergies between IT systems and business strategies, managing customer relationships and developing new sales and marketing channels.


It is essential to differentiate between acquired customer segments with services and processes that fuel future cross-selling strategies. We provide clients with customer relationship management strategies that open up significant cross-selling potential.

Pharmaceuticals & health care
The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has grown at a fast rate in the last decades. However, increasing complexity throughout the sector has created significant challenges. Business leaders in today's pharmaceutical and health care industry are under pressure to reduce prices, speed up regulatory approval cycles, improve R&D productivity and increase returns on marketing efforts. Our pharmaceuticals & health care practice has specific capabilities tailored to address these important issues.


We provide leading pharmaceutical and health care companies with strategic advisory services across six core areas: Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and drug delivery, Biotechnology, Health care services, Health risk management, Health insurance.

Public service & government
We help public sector organizations and governments to improve efficiency in administration. Our public service experts share best practices from other industries and suggest innovative technology solutions to provide better and more personalized public service to local citizens. Operational efficiency must always begin with setting the common vision across different stakeholders and defining a widely accepted strategy with clear priorities, action plans and performance management.


We thoroughly analyze the business processes of our clients in order to achieve an outcome-oriented governance. Our public sector methodologies support the fast implementation of operational efficiency initiatives and provide unique solutions of cost cutting and transformation.

Utilities companies experience major changes that rewrite the operating environment of this industry sector. We assist them with our industry-specific knowledge, innovative technologies to address these changes regarding their consumers, technology, regulatory and market forces.


Our utilities practice has wide international reputation in corporate strategy and transformation, as well as managing complex stakeholder expectations. We provide valuable insights into local and international energy markets, help clients in their every day’s challenges regarding transmission and distribution, retail, enterprise services and outsourcing.